My Works

Blog Website

Fully developed using the ReactJs as user frontend. For the backend, I have used WordPress CMS. I used the WordPress REST API to get the data. This is an SEO friendly website. Unfortunately, I don’t have any live preview URL, it is in my local machine only.

My Personal Application

I am talking about where you are now. This my personal web application and it is MERN stack (MongoBD, Express, ReactJs, Node.js) development. Everything is dynamic, came from the Mongo database, the Frontend developed using ReactJs, and the backend with the express. All the components have been developed using the function coding pattern.

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Geeks Sydney - (Proposed)

This is a proposed developed for our existing Geeks Sydney website. Built using the ReactJs framework. Features included with dynamic data serving, responsive web design, dynamic cart, and checkout, different designs for the small devices, and more.

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Google Books Search

A search engine to search books from Google resources. I used Google Books API and ReactJs to build this application. In this application, you can find the book's information, rating, readable link, downloadable links, etc.

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A modern web application developed using the Next.js as a personal project work. The features included with dynamic data serving using the UserAgent, tree component management, responsive design, etc. To know more, please check the article -

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Geeks Sydney

This web application built using the Laravel framework. I was responsible for the frontend pages, backend panel, PDF invoices, Email templates, etc. Also, Frontend booking system, partner panel, customer area, and SLA user panel are developed using the ReacJs.

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Krazy Tickets

The client-side of this application fully developed using the ReactJs and the server-side using the Laravel. I and my team collaboratively worked on the frontend of this application.

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Krazy Bazaar

This is an e-commerce website and built using the Laravel framework. My responsibilities were to develop the website frontend, users and administrators interfaces, email templates, and invoices.

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Wine Goblet

Developed this website using WordPress and customized WordPress theme, sliders, color combinations, website design, etc.

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