I have been working in the software field for 7 years years. I built a few notable products for the Bangladeshi marketplace and also worked on some global products as well. Please check the LinkedIn projects section or visit https://sonjoydatta.me/works to learn about the projects.

I use TypeScript, ReactJs, Next.js, Astro, Nx.Dev, GraphQL, Redux, React Native, Svelte, Vue.js, and Jest to implement application core business logic. Uses Tailwind CSS, Ant Design, Storybook React, styled-components, Bootstrap, and Foundation to decorate the UI features.

I also have strong backend experience with NestJS, Express.js, MongoDB, JWT, WebSocket and Swagger.

Uses Vite, Webpack, Git, GitHub, GitHub actions, Bitbucket, Docker, Cloudflare and AWS (EC2, S3, Route 53, ELB, Lamda) for advanced configuration and CI/CD.

Please visit this link (click here) to know more about my expertise.