I'm working as a Frontend engineer. My professional working experience is 6.1 years years and skilled in designing, developing, testing and debugging the application Frontend.

I use TypeScript, ReactJs, Next.js, Nx, GraphQL, Svelte, Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux Thunk, Recoil, React Native, Vue.js and Jest to develop application core business logic.

Tailwind CSS, Ant Design, Storybook React, styled-components, Bootstrap, and Foundation, are used for decorating the UI features.

I am super familiar with Figma, Invision, Adobe XD, JWT, REST API, GraphQL API and Node.js/NestJS.

Vite, Webpack, Git, GitHub, GitHub actions, Bitbucket, and Docker are used for CI/CD and advanced configuration.

Please visit this link (click here) to know more about my expertise.